*NEW* Button Pop & Worship ft. WestCoast Master

*NEW* Button Pop & Worship ft. WestCoast Master


Length: 24 mins

Description: I met up again with Sir, WestCoastMaster ~ A very fit, muscular, half my size, forcefeeding sir who is very dominant. He begins by measuring my gut and watches me struggle to button up an old shirt for his own amusement and gleefully watches as a couple buttons fly off under the pressure of my ballooned up gut. He worships my belly with his hands and mouth and forces more donuts down my throat while he plays with my sensitive nipples as I eat and Oink for his own twisted pleasure. I end up jerking as he continues to worship and feed me fattening donuts. Westcoast ends up jerking his massive load onto my growing gut as he tells me what a big fat pig I am and how I’ve grown since he saw me last and how he’s expects me to be bigger and fatter the next time he sees me…

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